07 April 2010

Inspired by Kinski

Every time I eat at Kinski, I feel inspired to write about food. Not that I really want to share such a wonderful place with the masses (who are obviously scrambling to read this blog), and not that I necessarily want to write about food (this is not a food blog). There are many important things to be writing about, like springtime, or like the crises that the peoples of the world (and the world itself) are in due to society being structured around principles of hierarchy and domination. 

Oh, but let me tell you, you masses you, every time I eat at Kinski, I feel warm. I know it was ninety degrees today, but I mean warm in a good way.  A warm, quiet moment with something new, that feels familiar still. 

Today I had the Schupfnudeln, which is fried in what I imagine is butter, with fresh herbs and lemon. Damn, it was good. Last time I went I had the Poached Eggs, which sit on a bed of pureed spinach and a small side of these perfectly little crispy fried cubes of potato - whoa. Both come with salads. Then there's the sweet Knödel. I won't even talk about the three types of sweet Knödel they're so special that they must be tasted to be understood, unless you're vegan. Make a vegan version.

Where was the Austrian food in New York hiding from me all this time? While I might not know the answer, I know that even though I don't really want to share this restaurant with others, I do want it to stay in business - so please go, please go and enjoy!

UPDATE: Sadly, Kinski didn't make it. The space has been shuttered for months. Time to learn how to make schupfnudeln!