18 December 2011

Dark Days: Keepin it Simple

Some of my favorite meals are also the simplest. I love preparations that bring out the biggest brightest flavors in vegetables, with merely a bit of fat and salt. The photo above are the ingredients that went into a quick and easy brunch that a friend and I prepared last week: some leftover roasted sweet potato and cabbage thrown into scrambled eggs. It made a filling and delicious breakfast.

Add a bit of this cheese and something so simple becomes kinda decadent. That oozing deliciousness is 3-Corner Field Farm's Shushan Snow cheese, it is their version of a Camembert and it is ridiculously good.

Right now I've got some cabbage and fennel bulb roasting in the oven, yet another simple meal that I can't wait to eat. Seems like the Dark Days Challenge is only challenging for me in terms of actually writing about the local meals that I prepare. The meals themselves are just what I eat. It seems as though I will only be contributing bi-weekly posts for the Challenge, unless something interesting happens that I feel a need to blog about. I'm hoping to make some meals in the coming weeks that will be worthy of recipe-sharing. Perhaps a gluten free gnocchi is in order, that's one I definitely hope to share one day soon.

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